Community Fiber Optic Design in Grand Marais

Starting on or about Monday, January 17, 2011 field crews will begin the walk out and initial design of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s community fiber optic project in the Grand Marais area.  The walkout of the Grand Marais PUC service area should be completed in less than two weeks time.  Completion of the Grand Marais area signals the end of the walk out and initial design process in the field across all of Cook County.

Concurrent with field walk out is the design and engineering process.  Tentatively, this is scheduled to be completed around March 1, 2011.  Engineering will be followed by request for proposals for general contracting.  An initial request for information was released on Monday, January 10th, 20011.  Interested contractors locally who wish to be contacted with sub-contracting opportunities should contact the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative office if they did not receive the initial request for information.

For more information about the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative community fiber network please see our broadband page.

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