Your Family is Unique!

As the cost of energy goes up, more and more people are concerned about their rising utility bills and are looking for ways to control their energy use.

The best way to do this is to be aware of how much energy you use each month and how it is being used in your home. This involves learning how to read your meter, keeping track of energy use, and using your meter as a tool to locate problems.

In this way, you can budget your energy use just like you budget for groceries and other household items.

You have complete control over how you use your electricity. You choose the ingredients that are necessary to maintain your standard of living.

The way you live and the way you use your electrical appliances have a greater impact on your consumption of electricity than the number of appliances you have.

The chart below shows the amount of energy used in the residential sector nationwide. Some members, on the other hand, have relatively good lifestyles, and tend to use more energy than the national average. This applies to all forms of energy-not just electricity.

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 Why is my electric bill higher than my neighbor’s?

You just answered this question yourself. It’s YOUR electric bill, and it reflects the amount of electricity consumed by YOU and YOUR FAMILY in YOUR HOME.

Your neighbor may have a completely different set of circumstances…different number of people living at home, different lifestyle, different size home, etc. These and many other factors make a comparison with your neighbor less than meaningful. 

Meter Reading Dates

Another factor that enters into higher than normal electric bills is the number of days between meter readings. Check the number of days in your billing cycle to make accurate comparisons. You will use more kilowatt-hours in 40days than you would in 20. Many people seem to overlook this important consideration.

It’s important to note whether your meter is read on the same day each month. If you notice that your use has increased substantially from one month to the next for no apparent reason, you will be able to diagnose an equipment fault sooner.

Is the Meter Accurate?

The electric meter is often accused of inaccuracy, but it’s seldom the culprit. The meter is a calibrated, highly accurate device used to measure electric power use. AECI has a continuing program to test the accuracy of all its meters to assure you that you are being billed for the exact number of kilowatt-hours used. All meters are tested periodically and must be within a plus or minus 2% accuracy. Historical data bears out the fact that in more than 99% of the time, the electric meter is accurate. High bills are always traced to other causes.

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