Energy Efficiency Promotions

Saving energy feels just as good as saving money.

At Arrowhead Cooperative, we’ve got ways to help you do both, including a number of reduced-rate programs based on the type of electric-heating or electric-water-heating systems you have in your home.  If more than 50% of your winter heating is supplied by electricity you may elect to become exempt from sales tax during the months of November – April.  Click here to learn more.


Review Our Reduced Rate Offers (pdf)

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As an Arrowhead Co-op member, you can also support wind energy at a slight premium to your monthly account. And the more renewable energy you purchase, the less dependent we’ll be of fossil fuels.

Sign up for Wellspring Wind Energy

Many types of heating, cooling and water heating systems are eligible for rebates from Arrowhead Electric Cooperative.  Below is a list of our current rebate offerings.

ETS Storage Space Heat  Rebate (pdf)

Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps (pdf)

Ductless Air Source Heat Pumps (pdf)

Heat Pump Water Heaters (pdf)

Electronically Commutated Motors (pdf)

ETS Water Heater (pdf)

Dehumidifier (pdf)

Freezer or Refrigerator (pdf)

CFL Lighting (pdf)

Replacing old bulbs with LED’s? Save more than energy. Arrowhead Cooperative will apply a credit of 50% of the cost (up to $3.00) per LED to your electric account balance. Energy Star LED string lights are also eligible for this credit rebate. Complete the form below to apply.

LED Strings or Lights (pdf)