Rate and Rebate Programs

Saving energy feels just as good as saving money.

At Arrowhead Cooperative, we’ve got ways to help you do both, including a number of reduced-rate programs based on the type of electric-heating or electric-water-heating systems you have in your home.

2017 Rebates!

Together with our energy provider, Great River Energy, Arrowhead Cooperative provides a number of rebates to our members. The rebates encourage the purchase of energy efficient equipment and appliances to help members save money on their electric bills. To request a rebate please complete the appropriate form and submit it along with original receipts and, if required, proof of Energy Star status.


Residential Rebates 2017 Rebate
AC or Air Source Heat Pump Tune-Up $25/Unit
ENERGY STAR® Ductless Air Source Heat Pump $300 – w/o electric heat
$500 – w/ electric heat
Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) $100/Installation
ENERGY STAR® Appliance $75 for Refrigerator or Freezer (must recycle old one)
$25 for Dehumidifier
Ground Source Heat Pump $400/Ton – Restrictions Apply
Residential LED Rebate Up to $3 Per LED Bulb or Light String
North Shore Promotion $50 – Washing machine
$25 – Dishwasher
$75 – Refrigerator/freezer recycle & replace$75 – Refrigerator/freezer recycle w/o replacing
$25 – Dehumidifiers
$25 – Room A/C
$300 – Ductless Air Source Heat Pump w/o electricheat
$500 – Ductless Air Source Heat Pump w/ electricheat
Home Energy Savings Variable – See rebate form or call
Heat Pump Water Heater $500 – 50 and 80 Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater
ETS Water Heater Rebate $400 – 85 and 105 Gallon Electric Water Heaters
ETS Space Heat $50/kw up to $3,000 for Storage Heat – Restrictions Apply
Wifi Smart Thermostat $25/Residence
Residential Home Energy Audit Request Call for Information
Water Savings Kit Call for Information
Industrial and Agricultural Rebates 2017 Rebate
Agricultural Ventilation Call for Information
Compressed Air Efficiency Call for Information
Commercial Lighting Rebates Variable – See rebate form or call
Ground Source Heat Pump $400/Ton – Restrictions Apply
HVAC Variable – See rebate form or call
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Efficiency Motors Variable – See rebate form or call
Food Service Applications Variable – See rebate form or call

A Winter Tax Break

With the start of another heating season, Arrowhead Cooperative would like to remind our residential customers who have electric heat as a primary heat source that their heat is exempt from Minnesota sales tax for the period of November through April.

The exemption only applies to electricity used as your primary fuel for residential heating; the property cannot be commercial rental property. If you have two meters only the heat meter is exempt. Electricity from lights, appliances, etc. is not tax exempt.

Arrowhead Cooperative must charge sales tax unless we have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file. If you qualify for the heat tax exemption please complete and send in the form below. If you are not certain you qualify review the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s guidelines.

If you find you qualify and are not sure if you have already submitted this certificate, contact our billing office at 218-663-7239 or 1-800-864-3744.

If you signed and submitted the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate in past years you are already tax exempt. You do not need to renew this tax break each year.

If more than 50% of your winter heating is supplied by electricity you may elect to become exempt from sales tax during the months of November – April.
Download the Winter Tax Exemption Form here

Reduced Rate Programs: ETS & Dual Fuel

Arrowhead Cooperative offers reduced rate programs through Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) for heat and hot water and Dual Fuel – Interruptible heat and hot water. Call our Operations Department to learn about the benefits of these programs and see which one is right for your home.

Application for EnergyWise Electric Heat: ETS

Application for EnergyWise Electric Heat: Dual Fuel

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