Using our power for good.


Northeastern Minnesota is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we’re doing everything in our power to protect it. Like helping you save energy, electricity and resources, and by offering more options for sustainable, renewable power. Our most recent environmental protection initiatives include:

Arrowhead Cooperative Solar Community

Arrowhead Cooperative members can participate in our Community Solar array.
Panels are still available for purchase. Contact our office for more info!

View the daily production from our array here.


e-Billing and e-Payments

Save time and trees by going paperless. Sign up for SmartHub, our user-friendly online bill site. You can get your bill notification emailed to you each month instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail. We also offer safe and secure online payments. Sign up now!

Green Building

Our expanded and remodeled facility is first LEED Gold Certified building in Cook County—an honor for leadership in energy and environmental design. Take a tour during business hours or read more about LEED certification.

Wind Power, Solar Power, Renewable Power

Renewable energy is smart energy, and through our partnership with Great River Energy, you can purchase wind power through the Wellspring wind energy program, the first of its kind in the Minnesota. You can also install a wind turbine or solar panels on your property.

Elimination of PCB Equipment

PCBs were a common component of utility transformers for years, but since safer alternatives have come to market, we at Arrowhead Electric Cooperative have been working to rid our service territory of all PCB transformers.