Membership in the power company means ownership
in the power company.

There’s a difference between getting your electrical power from a utility and owning part of the utility. And with membership in Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, you’re part owner. That means more competitive pricing, greater reliability and increased efficiency.

It also means you have a voice in how Arrowhead Electric is operated. You’ll help elect the board of directors and as a consumer-owner, you’ll be represented in every decision that affects the company.

What’s more, you’ll be eligible to earn capital credits, or dividends, which reflect your ownership in the cooperative.  Each year Arrowhead Electric Cooperative publishes a list of members who are eligible to receive capital credits who we are unable to locate for one reason or another.  To see if you or someone you know is eligible to receive a capital credit check but we are unable to locate them click here.

Being a member means so much more than being a member. Fill out an application for new service today.

Are you moving, buying or selling in our service area? If so, please fill out our relocation form so we can process the change in your service. You can email the form or print it and drop it in the mail.

If you are having trouble and in need of financial assistance please read about Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule and find resources for help in our downloadable guide here.