2011 Electric Rates Set

Dear Members:  2010 proved to be one of the most difficult years on record for Arrowhead Electric Cooperative. Fortunately, through hard work and the dedication of our employees we managed to ensure your cooperative met its required financial targets to keep your cooperative healthy. These financial targets are imperative to keeping the doors open and the lights on in Cook County. 

As you are all to well aware, prices for goods and services continue to increase in all markets. Be it gas, milk, or electricity no one is immune from this struggling economy. Combined, economic forces and government legislation continually increase our wholesale power costs and the costs of materials we purchase on a daily basis.

In 2011, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative has increased its rates to account for our escalating costs. The rates can be found below and are reflected on your monthly statement. Increasing electric rates cannot continue to be the answer to our local, regional and national energy problems. Together, we must seek solutions to reduce energy costs, increase efficiency and facilitate the success of our community. 

The employees of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative are responsible and accountable to you – our member owners.  Personally, I have been humbled by the trust the board of directors has placed in me and I promise to continually work on your behalf.


Jeanne Muntean, General Manager

                                                                     2011          2010

 Service availibility charge                                             $43.50           $42.00

 General service rate                                                        0.1130            0.1000

 Gen serv summer rate (Jun-Aug)                                 0.1270           0.1140

 Off Peak Storage                                                              0.0464            0.0454

 Dual Fuel Interruptible                                                     0.0570            0.0556


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