450,000′ of Fiber Optic Cable, Annual Meeting June 11th and Pre-register for Broadband!!

It’s been a busy few weeks around Arrowhead Electric Cooperative!  A lot is going on these days with the Annual Meeting coming up this Saturday, June 11th.  As a reminder, our member appreciation breakfast starts at 8:30AM in the Cook County High School cafeteria.  Following at 10AM just down the hall in the Arrowhead Center for the Arts will be the annual meeting.  All members welcome to attend!

Preperations for the annual meeting have been one focus of attention, while another focus has been our continued efforts to provide Cook County best in class community broadband services.  To that extent, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative is very happy to say that today, June 9th we placed our first order for fiber optic cable!  Our initial order is for 450,000′ (85 miles) and we’re prepared to purchase up to another 90 miles in 2011!  Our ability to order fiber optic cable was made possible after receiving revised closing documents from the RUS two weeks ago and our notification from RUS and the MN State Historic Preservation Office that we are cleared of all Federal Environmental Reviews.

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative is very fortunate to have an exceptional engineering partner in Pulse Broadband who has strong relationships in the fiber optic industry.  Due to incidents in Japan, tornadoes in the mid-west, and numerous federal stimulus projects, most manufacturers of fiber optic cable have production lead times of  20 to even 30 weeks out (i.e October or November!)  Due to Pulse Broadbands long history and strong relationships in the business, we are able to have fiber optic cable delivered in mid to late July.

With fiber on the way we are now aggressively reviewing proposals we have received from numerous general contracting firms.  We expect that in the next 1-2 weeks we’ll be able to happily announce a general contracting partner who can begin constructin during July or August!  Construction will begin in Lutsen and will progress Westerly towards Tofte and Schroeder.  Working with the Northeast Service Cooperative we are hopeful both of our organizations can construct to a mutually agreed location in 2011 that will allow Arrowhead Electric to, “plug -in” to a regional fiber network with unbelievable capacity and improved redundancy.

In preperation for construction, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative will be offering property owners to pre-register for service and get on a priority waiting list for when construction reaches your area.  Pre-registration will be available by calling our office or by registering online.  Pre-registration will begin soon!

Lastly, in addition to pre-registartion and becoming a priority on the waiting list, property owners in Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder will be receiving in the mail a postage paid reply card that is necessary for Arrowhead Electric to construct the fiber optic cable between our electric meter location and your dwelling.  It’s important to note that this card grants Arrowhead permission to construct on this portion of your property but does not obligate you to take broadband services.

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