A whilrwind of a week

Blowdowns, Forest Fires, Ice Storms.  What can possibly be next?  Oh, did we forget to mention the windstorm last week?  It proved a significant challenge for Arrowhead Electric and our members.  Winds reported in excess of 55mph initiated power outage calls starting at around 4:30am on Monday, September 28th.  The result of these winds caused at one time all members to be without power due to a tree which took down the sole transmission line providing service to Arrowhead Electric.  Great River Energy dispatched crews from Cloquet and Grand Rapids to immediately repair the line which sustained damage between the Maple Hill and Colvill Substations.  Fortunately, Arrowhead Electric employees were able to isolate the problem and re-route power distribution to energize all our distribution lines – all the one’s not snapped in two or more pieces by the wind and trees that is.  Aside from the transmission outage Arrowhead responded to and repaired power lines ranging from Lake County to Seagull Lake to Grand Portage.  As more and more outage calls came into our office it was evident that we needed help.  Additional line crews from Cooperative Light & Power (Two Harbors), East Central Energy (Braham), Lake Country Power (Grand Rapids) and Lake States Construction (Grand Rapids) were called in to assist with power restoration efforts.  The clean-up and repair from this storm will last through out the first half of October and the cost to Arrowhead Electric will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Due to the extent of the damage and the cost incurred Arrowhead Electric will, in conjunction with Cook County seek assistance.


A much-needed thank you is owed to all of our members for the tremendous support and understanding.  Employees worked around the clock repairing lines, answering phones, and coordinating utility crews.  We sincerely appreciate the numerous phone calls, e-mails and cards we have received.  It is our mission to connect the tip of the Arrowhead and although storms such as this may challenge that mission we will continue to provide you the most cost effective, reliable and environmentally sound service possible.


Thank you,


Arrowhead Electric Cooperative

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