AECI offers two devices to assist with tracking energy consumption

To learn more about your particular energy consumption Arrowhead Electric offers two devices which aid our members in learning how their actions directly impact their energy bills. 

The first device called a Kill-O-Watt plugs into any 120v outlet and your device (Refrigerator, TV, Computer etc.) plugs into it.  The device displays the quantity of kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed by the device.  Over time you can extrapolate a months worth of energy consumption and therefore translate kWh into dollars.

The second device is somewhat newer.  The Power Cost Monitor is a device similar to a household digital weather station.  A sensor is attached to your electric meter which communicates wirelessly to a display in your home.  The display is programmed with your electric rate and shows you how many kilowatts per hour you are currently consuming and the cost of the energy per hour based on the rate.  The device works very well to show how the affects of large electric loads affect your monthly power bill at a given moment in time.

Both the Kill-O-Watt and the Power Cost Monitor can be loaned out by Arrowhead Electric to our members at no cost for a period of time.  Please call our office at 218-663-7239 to make arrangement for pick-up times.

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