Power outages can occur during or after snow, wind or ice storms. The following safety tips will help you to be prepared for the inconveniences that power outages can bring for you and your family:

Be prepared…

Prepare an emergency kit including:

Battery powered radio and tune into WTIP:

90.7 North Shore

90.1 Grand Portage

91.7 Gunflint Trail

A flashlight

Additional batteries

Bottled water and canned food

Candles and matches

First-Aid kit

A phone with a cord – Cordless phones do not work without power.

Prepare an emergency telephone list to contact Arrowhead Electric Cooperative (663-7239 / 800-864-3744) the police, fire department, and hospital.


Cordless phones don’t work without power. Protect your belongings. If you are at home and your area is under weather alert for severe storms, shut off or unplug any sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs and computers to protect them from power surges.

If you are experiencing a power outage…

Verify if you are the only one in your neighborhood without power. If that’s the case check your breaker box to make sure all breakers are in the ON position. If still don’t have power call AECI at 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744 to report the outage. Don’t assume we know you are without power.

Make sure to turn off all appliances especially any heat-producing electric equipment such as electric stoves, toaster ovens, irons or hair curlers. Leave one light fixture on so you’ll know when power is restored. Keep candles away from furniture, curtains, or anyother flammable material. Never leave children alone in a room with a burning candle or open flame.

Never try to use gas stoves, charcoal or briquette grills or camp stoves to heat your home.

They are designed to be used only outdoors where there is enough ventilation due to the amount of toxic fumes they produce. If you use them indoors you will rapidly eliminate the amount of oxygen in your house and increase the carbon monoxide inside your home. Carbon monoxide causes serious intoxication problems and even death.

If you are outside…

Stay away from any downed lines including power, telephone or cable. Do not touch any object that is in contact with downed power lines and can transmit electricity such as trees, tree limbs, water, metal, etc. Never drive your car over power lines. If a power line falls over your car while you are driving, stay inside your car until you receive appropriate help.


Emergency: Call 911

OUTAGE REPORTING: 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744

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