Arrowhead Board Approves New Electric Rates


At the monthly meeting on January 26, 2016, Arrowhead Cooperative’s Board of Directors did something they have been able to hold off for four years. The board approved a new rate schedule for all services.

The Cooperative has made every effort to maintain the rates the board set in 2012 by cutting operating expenses, sharing costs with the broadband buildout, and responsibly managing our debt. Increases in Arrowhead Cooperative’s costs, however, can no longer be absorbed and the Board made the difficult but responsible decision to increase electric rates.

The increases are not large, ranging from 2-2.5% for most rate programs, but any increase in cost affects our membership. These adjustments are necessary for the financial health of the cooperative and for our continued ability to provide safe and reliable power to our members.

The chart below lists the new and old rates for residential services.


Residential Service

2016 Rate

2012-2015 Rate

General Service (winter)



General Service (June-Aug)



Off-peak (ETS)



Dual Fuel



Heat Pump



Service Availability Charge




These rates will be in effect on the bills members receive at the beginning of March. It is our goal to pass along pricing information to our members in a timely manner. Unplanned increases due to factors such as increased purchased power costs and inflation pressures often give us less time to communicate about pricing adjustments. More information about the new rates will be available in the March newsletter and included with the bills. Arrowhead Cooperative offers a number of options to help members manage their power bills. Some of those services are automatic payment options, budget billing, and energy efficiency programs. To learn more about these please contact us at or call the office at 800-864-3744.

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