Arrowhead Broadband Project Receives Advance of Funds!

Today the Arrowhead Office was full of cheering and smiles as we read a letter from RUS proclaiming the fiber optic broadband project has officially cleared all conditions to begin receiving funding advancements!  Arrowhead expects our first reimbursement to be received in a matter of a few short days.

Now that advancement of funds had been secured Arrowhead can work with our construction contractor, Mastec to ramp up the number of construction crews and work quickly and thoughtfully to build out the community fiber network as much as possible in 2012.

Speaking of construction, the construction of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s community fiber optic network is moving forward as we speak.  Underground crews are hard at work pulling fiber into conduit installed in 2011 in the Lutsen area (Ski Hill Road, Golf Course).  Overhead drop crews (a drop is the fiber line typically between the road and your home) are working along the Cramer Road in Schroeder.

Keep in mind that complete construction of the fiber optic line to your home could require as many as 6 different visits from our contractor!  While most property’s won’t have 6 separate visits, each property will require at least 3 visits.  These visits may include:

1) Construction of the transport or backbone fiber (the fiber connecting Cook County to the rest of the world – only a small percentage of properties have transport fiber on them).

2) Construction of the distribution fiber (the fiber connecting many homes in a region/neighborhood and delivering it back to Arrowhead’s office).

3) Construction of the overhead drop to your property (many property’s have both overhead and underground).

4) Construction of the underground drop to your property.

5) A seperate crew will install the “box” on the outside of your home and run the drop fiber into it.

6) Splicing crews will splice all the fiber together starting with transport, then distribution, then the drops.

Updates of construction crew locations in the future will be posted on our new Facebook page.  To Follow-us on Facebook use the following link:  If you don’t currently have internet access we will keep you as formed as possible using our monthly newsletter.



2 Responses to “Arrowhead Broadband Project Receives Advance of Funds!”

  1. K. Woodward says:

    While you have done a good job of updating your members on the progress of this initiative, the cost of the service to your customers has been conspicuous in its absence. I would like to see a rate sheet for the broadband services.

    • Joe says:

      This is a top priority for Arrowhead now that we have received notice of funds being advanced. We hope to be able to announce internet and phone pricing by months end.