Arrowhead Cooperative COVID-19 Response

To Arrowhead Cooperative Members and the community:

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared by the World Health Organization and the CDC as a Global Pandemic. The President and Minnesota’s Governor have declared a state of emergency.

Arrowhead Cooperative is considered Criticalto the community the same way Police, Fire, EMS, Health Professionals, and First Responders are. In an abundance of caution, we need to take measures to ensure safety and limit the exposure to our employees and the potential spread of the virus throughout our community.

Arrowhead Cooperative is taking the following steps to ensure the safety and health of our employees, members and subscribers. It is imperative that we keep our staff healthy and virus free to continue to deliver the safe, reliable and environmentally friendly utilities you expect from your cooperative.

In an abundance of caution, Arrowhead Cooperative has closed its doors to the public. We will not allow access from the general public, vendors or unauthorized personnel to enter the building.

Bill payments can be made at the drop box in Lutsen at Arrowhead’s Headquarters as well as a drop box located outside of Como’s office in Grand Marais. Members are encouraged to make on-line payments and sign up for Smart Hub if you have not already done so. Members will not be penalized for cash payment rounding errors. We will continue to process payments over the phone. Please be patient with us as we will potentially be working with a reduced workforce as we implement strategies to keep our staff healthy.

The Cold Weather Rule will be extended for Arrowhead’s Members. Members who are having difficulty with their electric bills are encouraged to call the office to seek help. Please call 218-663-7239 for assistance.

Arrowhead staff will continue to respond to power outages and fiber issues as they arise. Fiber issues will be assessed for response as being critical or not critical. Arrowhead staff that need to enter a home will have precautionary measures they will need to follow. Please be patient with our staff as they perform their duties. Give them the social distancing needed to keep them safe as they continue to perform their duties.

Arrowhead Cooperative will continue to monitor the situation and will work closely with the Public Health Department and the Cook County Emergency Management Department to stay abreast of the condition of the community.

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