Broadband Construction Crews Back in Cook County

Arrowhead has a limited number of fiber optic construction workers back in Cook County.  The first few people will be splicing fiber optic cable and building overhead drops (the line from the road to the home) within the City of Grand Marais.  Work is starting here first as the snow is the least obtrusive to construction efforts in areas of plowed alleys, driveways and shorter runs where workers must traverse snow banks.  If you live in Grand Marais (or you’re an AEC member) and have not signed-up, now is the time!  You can find the paperwork here.

Construction crews will increase in size and numbers as the season changes to spring.  Soft roads and mud will continue to keep crews sizes limited until the ground dries up.  By the end of this summer however we hope to have the vast majority of fiber optic cable installed, including up the Gunflint Trail and to Grand Portage.

To date, Arrowhead has constructed over 385 miles of fiber optic cable which will soon deliver HD TV, phone and high-speed internet services.  Keep a watchful eye on your mailbox for more information regarding service availability, pricing and home installations in the next few months.


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