Broadband Construction Resumes, Installations Continue

Summer is nearly here, and True North broadband construction is resuming after the long winter!

Construction crews continue mobilizing as road bans are removed from county roads, the ground has thawed and after yesterday’s wind, the sun is shining! Underground construction will start on the west side of Grand Portage and proceed towards Hovland while another crew works to install new power and fiber lines from the US/Canada border to Grand Portage.¬†Aerial crews have also begun work between Hovland and Grand Portage while underground and aerial drop crews are progressing in Schroeder, Tofte, Grand Marais, Hovland and Grand Portage. Splicers are working in Schroeder, Tofte and Lutsen.

Service installations continue in Schroeder and have begun in the west part of Tofte. We connected our 100th customer today! More splicing crews will begin in limited areas of Lutsen next week and additional splicers have been working in Grand Marais as well. Installations for these areas are not yet being scheduled, but will be soon.  Our Welcome Flier can help you prepare for your future installation by helping you select the services you want.


2 Responses to “Broadband Construction Resumes, Installations Continue”

  1. Robert Hanle says:

    Eager to get service here at Aspenwood. I thought the splicers were working their way up from Schroeder to Tofte to Lutson. We are between Tofte and Lutson. Why aren’t you providing service in our area before crews begin installing service in the Lutson area? Please, please consider installing internet in our area soon because my business is suffering without the high speed. I’ve been very patient awaiting their arrival, but I am not happy with the installers skipping over this area before beginning work in Lutson.

    thanks for your favorable consideration!


    Bob Hanle

  2. mwickwire says:

    Thanks for your feedback Bob. Rest assured, your area has not been skipped over. More crews are now available to work on our project and have been assigned to areas according to their type of work. So, new crews have begun in some places in Lutsen, while the crews who began in Schroeder and into Tofte remain on the original schedule and are working toward your location.