Broadband Mailings – What if I own multiple properties?

A good number of property site sketches are coming into the Arrowhead office every day this week.  Thank you to all those who are so incredibly prompt!  Your quick response is helping us plan and prepare for construction later this year.

A number of inquiries have been made regarding persons who have multiple properties.  If you would like Arrowhead to construct to multiple properties but did not receive a mailing for each property please feel free to include a second (or third, fourth, fifth etc…) site sketch and mail back to Arrowhead.  We’ve put a link on our website so you can download the form if easier than finding a copy machine.  If your Internet connection is too slow, you don’t have a copy machine or you simply would prefer Arrowhead mail you an additional site sketch please call the office at 663-7239 or 1-800-864-3744 and we’ll be happy to do so.

If you are an owner in Schroeder, Tofte or Lutsen, please remember that you received your mailing in 2011.  If you would like Arrowhead to have a site sketch of your property please feel free to download the site sketch form and mail it in to the office.

Remember – site sketches are due back to Arrowhead by May 11th.  Thank you!!

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