Building ACRE membership today vital for Arrowhead Electric member’s future

Building ACRE membership today vital for Arrowhead Electric member’s future

It is our mission and our obligation, as employees and directors of Arrowhead Electric, to supply you, our owner-members, with all of the safe and reliable electric power you need at the lowest possible cost.

However, there is legislation being considered in the halls of Congress these days that threatens to determine our ability to do our job.

Some of the legislation being proposed will severely limit the amount of power we will be able to provide to our members, as well as greatly increase the cost of that power. The result of that legislation will be brown-outs and black-outs and much higher rates.

We must do what we can to minimize those dire consequences. The most effective way we can do that is by electing legislators who understand our needs and concerns as rural electric co-op owners. This is why ACRE (Action Committee for Rural Electrification), is so vital to the future of Arrowhead Electric members and rural electric co-ops throughout the United States.

ACRE is a national program that helps to elect legislators, both state and federal, who understand and are sympathetic to our needs as rural electric co-op owners.

We want to invite each of you who have not yet enrolled in ACRE to join with your board of directors and Arrowhead Electric employees and become a member. We need as much support for ACRE as we can get. The more ACRE members there are; the more power we will have to elect legislators who will look out for our needs and concerns.

Becoming an ACRE member is easy. Simply fill out and sign the COPA  form and mail it along with your monthly payment. COPA Form 

For as little as $2.08 that will be added to your monthly bills, you will be one of our valued ACRE members. You will receive regular ACRE newsletters regarding items of interest to you as a rural electric co-op owner. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something important that will help us keep your lights on and your rates as low as possible.

We thank you in advance for supporting this important program.

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