Choose Wind Energy ….. It’s a Breeze!

With the increased interest surrounding renewable energy, I wanted to highlight features regarding the Wellspring renewable wind energy program available to Arrowhead Electric Cooperative members. It is also available to members with the other 27 distribution cooperatives of Great River Energy.

The Wellspring program is a voluntary initiative that offers wind-generated electricity to co-op members. Presently, wind energy for the Wellspring program comes from the Chandler Hills Wind Farm, the Trimont Area Wind Farm and the G. McNeilus Wind Farm near Dodge Center.

The cost to participate is additional to your regular electric bill. The wind power you purchase is fed into the state’s electric system called the grid.

Participating in the Wellspring program does not specifically deliver generated electricity to your residence. However, participation will replace fossil fuel derived energy with wind generated energy.

Also, participation in the Wellspring wind energy program contributes to helping Arrowhead Electric exceed the Renewable Energy Standard mandate of renewable energy requirements.

Members can decide how much wind energy they want to buy in 100 kilowatt hour (kWh) blocks. However, the purchase may not exceed your normal monthly consumption.

For instance, let’s say your typical usage is 1,200 kWh per month. Then you would be able to purchase p to 12 blocks in the Wellspring program. The additional cost on your bill would be $18.00 (12 blocks x $01.50 per block) plus tax.

Interested members are asked to make a minimum one-year commitment to buy electricity from the Wellspring renewable wind energy program.

This project has no impact on members who do not want to participate. This program is for members who want to utilize renewable energy resources, which is still more expensive than conventional generating options, but are willing to pay the extra costs associated with it.

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