Coming in 2012 – 10Mb’s Down / 2Mb’s Up for under $50.

It’s been a long time in the making but Arrowhead is pleased to be able to announce our MINIMUM internet offering to our members and to Grand Marais folks is an outstanding 10Mb’s for under $50 a month.  In the case that 10Mb’s isn’t up to your liking Arrowhead will easily provide you, your cabin, your business etc…a larger service of 20Mbps, 50Mbps or a 100Mbps.  If that’s still not enough ask for 1Gb and we’ll deliver.  The wonders of fiber optic are truly becoming a reality in Cook County, MN.  This network is being constructed for technology growth, innovation and to support everyone’s effort to succeed here locally.

To put Arrowhead’s fiber network into some perspective, if you currently subscribe to DSL, Wireless or Satellite service, the Arrowhead 10Mb internet service will be anywhere from 3 to 10 times faster than what you currently receive (download).  If its upload capacity you need, Arrowhead can upgrade your account so that you receive a symmetrical service (10Mb download & 10Mb upload). Only with Arrowhead’s internet service can you get the upload capacity many residents want and businesses need.  DSL, Satellite and Wireless can’t offer it and they simply can’t compete with it.

It’s not just about internet service though. Over the same fiber optic cable, Arrowhead will be providing phone service. Our phone service will be scalable to your needs and wants. Phone service can be basic and provide the security of a landline phone for 911 in case of an emergency, local calling to keep in touch with your neighbors, long distance service and all the calling features many people use today, such as; Voice Mail, CallerID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding and more.

Don’t forget about TV service too!  Arrowhead is negotiating with and reviewing proposals to determine the TV service we want to offer our members. We’ll release the details as they develop later in 2012.

Shortly Arrowhead will begin the work inside our office building, transforming what was an office space into a high-tech digital room filled with DC power equipment, computers, and other “gear” which will allow Arrowhead to offer internet, phone and TV service. This room will be the “brain” that controls and monitors our fiber optic network. It is a critical step in launching and offering services to our members.

In order to provide these services to you, Arrowhead will be mailing to your homes (cabins & businesses too) more information on the 2012 construction season. Of particular importance, when you receive the mailing there will be a set of information that must be returned to Arrowhead granting us permission to install our fiber optic cable up to and on the side of your home (members in Lutsen, Tofte & Schroeder who received a property permission card in 2011 will not receive a new mailing in 2012).  Look in your mailboxes in mid to late January for this very important mailing from Arrowhead.

As we begin wrapping up 2011, our underground construction has been suspended for the winter and will resume in the spring. One aerial crew will work right up to Christmas. The aerial crew will be primarily constructing the “main line” fiber optic cable leading from Lutsen and heading towards Grand Marais.

Last, but certainly not least, Arrowhead would like to extend a grateful Thank youto those members who so patiently worked with our contractors in 2011. We hope our contractors treated your property with respect and worked with you to ensure your property was left in a condition as good as when they first arrived on site. The feedback we’ve gotten this far has been tremendous and we expect in 2012 to achieve the same results.

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