Congratulations 2010 Calendar Picture Photographers

The calendars are scheduled to be mailed out on Monday, December 7th!  Members, be on the look out for them. They will be arriving in your mail box very soon.

Thank you to all who submitted pictures for the 2010 calendar. Only 12 pictures can be chosen for the calendar each year and the members had a very difficult time making their decisions during Co-op week in October. If you find that your picture wasn’t chosen, I can promise you, every photo received multiple votes. The tallies were very close again this year! Keep those cameras flashing for next year!

The following members have pictured featured in the 2010 Calendar.

2010 Calendar Photographers

January           Charlotte Mariejewski

February          Karin Goodell

March                Dennis Chick

April                  Jeffrey Ofsthun

May                   Karen Schimmel

June                  Jeffrey Ofsthun

July                  C.B. Williams

August              Dennis Chick

September        Karen Schimmel

October           Karin Goodell

November        Audrey Stattelman

December        Terry Lewis

***Extra Calendars will be available at the Arrowhead Electric Headquarters on a first come, first serve basis. To reduce mailing expenses for your cooperative, Arrowhead Electric will not mail out additional calendars.

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