Coop. Line Trucks in Grand Marais

This week marked the start of what Arrowhead Electric Cooperative refers to as, “Make Ready” work in the City of Grand Marais.  Make ready is work identified by Arrowhead in advance of construction of the Cooperative’s fiber optic network.  Make ready work most often consists of moving existing power lines or re-arranging them on power poles to accomodate the fiber optic cable.  Generally this work is done to gain vertical clearance between a roadway and the fiber optic cable.  However, make ready work might also be needed to ensure compliance with clearance between power lines and the fiber optic cable or other existing communications lines owned by another company.

While performing make ready work, Arrowhead line crew(s) will also be completing a few maintenance items or modifications to the City of Grand Marais electric distribution system.  It’s a great opportunity for the PUC to utilize an additional workforce while Arrowhead crews are in the area, and it’s great for the Cooperative to offset some expense by working for the PUC.

If you’re in the City of Grand Marais and happen to see the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative line crews working, be sure to give them a wave  (from a safe distance of course)!

And, if you live in the City of Grand Marais PUC service area and have questions about the fiber optic project you are welcome to call the Cooperative office anytime at 663-7239!


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