Win up to 1 year of internet, TV and phone service!

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative has provided electricity to rural Cook County since 1953.  Our vision is, “Connecting the Tip of the Arrowhead” and we believe we are still fulfilling that vision today.  However, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative is soon to be much more than an electric cooperative.  The Coop. will be a full-service local provider of electricity, high-speed internet, TV and phone services with more opportunities to come!

With growth of the Coop. a new name and logo is needed that reflects the Coop. and all of the services we provide our members.  We are seeking your ideas as we look to re-name and re-brand your Coop.

Interested persons in submitting entries for a new name, logo or a combination name and logo should send their ideas to: by Noon on Friday, October 5th.  Name and/or logo’s must be submitted in a digital form along with your name, address and telephone number.  The winning entry will be awarded 1 year of free broadband, TV and phone service.  If 2 winners are chosen, each winner will receive 6 months of free service.

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