Data Transfer vs Data Consumption on the Arrowhead Fiber Optic Network

It’s not uncommon for Arrowhead to get asked about the common tactics used by incumbent internet providers in Cook County.  Specifically, the providers of Satellite, DSL and Mobile wireless (Cellular) internet services and the way in which they provide service and/or bill for service.

As most people using Satellite services know, each month users are able to “consume” X amount of data on the internet.  Once a certain amount has been consumed the service is reduced for a period of time.  Most mobile broadband providers approach this a bit differently.  Instead of reducing your speed after you reach your maximum data usage for the month you incur a fee for each unit consumed.  Phone companies providing subscribers DSL internet services don’t have the same problems Satellite and wireless providers have.  However, DSL providers are notorious for advertising and using marketing schemes that promise speeds of, “Up to” a certain speed.  Unfortunately, many subscribers never actually get the service they pay for.

In one of Arrowhead’s more recent postings, we announced our minimum internet package will be 10Mb.  What we didn’t think about was that so many of us in Cook County are accustomed to all of the tactics used by incumbent providers to reduce your use of the internet or generate additional profit.  To help understand Arrowheads plan, consider the kitchen faucet.

The faucet represents the size of the internet pipe (10Mb), while the water represents the amount of data flowing through the faucet.  Subscribers of the Arrowhead fiber optic service can consume an unlimited amount of data (or water when thinking about the kitchen faucet) but the rate at which it will transfer depends on the size of the faucet (10Mb –per second).

Only on the Arrowhead fiber optic network will you be able to transfer data (stream HD video, download large files, etc…) at speeds faster than any other provider in Cook County.  Moreover, you can do it and not need to worry about your internet service being slowed down by your provider or your monthly bill being larger than what you expect.

Arrowheads fiber optic network will consistently provide you the speed you need, at the time when you need it most.  For those with a “big kitchen sink and require a faucet to fit” – just let us know.  We’ll deliver you 20Mb or in the case of a business up to 1 GB.

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