Dishing out the benefits on newer dishwashers

Most of the energy used by dishwashers involves heating the water it uses. So the most efficient dishwashers use less water to do the job. Newer dishwashers also use significantly less water than hand washing – as much as on-half less. Water usage varies from a low of seven gallons for the light wash to a height of 14 gallons for the heavy-duty cycle. In one study dishwashers were compared to doing the job by hand. The dishwasher was more efficient and cleaned dishes better than people. Many of the most efficient dishwashers incorporate soil-sensors to adjust water use depending on how dirty the dishes are in each load washed. Studies showed that most new dishwashers do a great job of cleaning even the dirtiest dishes without pre-rinsing.

 Arrowhead Electric offers a $25.00 rebate on Energy Star rated dishwashers. For a rebate form simply go to or call the office at 218-663-7239.

*** Information courtesy of John Krigger

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