Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc. would like to thank those members who round up their monthly bills making this needy project possible. A big thank you also goes out to the members of the Trust Board who donate their time to make the difficult yet rewarding decisions on the grant requests. Your contributions to Operation Round Up are entrusted to the following volunteers from your area to support community projects and activities:

East end of the County – Mary Petz

West end of the County – Lavonne Anderson

Maple Hill area – Floyd Pearson

Devil Track area – Jim Holmen

Gunflint area – Sue Prom

1.  North Shore Collaborative received $1,000 for the LOTS program (Learning Opportunities through Stories).The funds will be used to purchase books for the participating children.

 2.  North Shore Dragon Boat Festival received $500 towards providing family related activities, games and entertainment during the festival to include kid’s puppet shows, music entertainment, building your own dragon boat contests and street mural participation.

 3.  North Shore Music Association received $500 for the purchase of microphones that are used for the various performances put on by the North Shore Music Association.

 4.  Violence Prevention Center received $200 for a new sign for the building.

 5.  Explorer’s Club Child Care received $250 to help with transporting children to the various destinations this summer as they explore Cook County on their field trips.

 6.  Tofte Fire Department received $400 towards the cost of a 2 ½ inch gated wye.  The wye is used for connecting two hoses to one with the capability of shutting off either line.

 7.  WTIP received $500 to help support a headlining band at the 3rd annual WTIP Radio Waves Music Festival held in late summer of 2010.

 8. North Shore Visitation Center received $500 to help with costs of supervised visits between children and their parents who are involved in child protection of domestic violence cases.  Safe child exchanges between separated or divorced parents are also offered.

 9.  Human Development Center received $1,200 for socialization activities for persons who suffer from significant mental health issues. The activities include pool passes, cooking classes, fishing.

 10. Good Harbor Hill Players received $600 to help offset the cost of the 2010 Summer Solstice Puppet Pageant.  Funding received will go towards a sound engineer, sound equipment rental, musicians and supplies, i.e. fabric and paint.

 11. School Community Action Team received $750 to bring Peter Benson, Ph.D. to Grand Marais to train educators, providers and parents how to engage and nurture teen aged youth.

 12. Grand Portage Wisdom Steps received $300 for the 10th Anniversary Celebration & Conference to honor their Elders.  Twenty six elders will be attending the conference and the funds will go towards their registration fee and lunch.

 13.  Grand Portage Community Garden received $300 toward the cost of equipment, i.e. rakes, shovels and hoes etc. for the community garden.

 14. Boundary Waters Amateur Radio Club received $856 for a power amplifier for their radio repeaters.

 15. Lutsen Volunteer Fire Department received $440 for various types of rescue equipment both individual and scene rescue to include tubular webbing, carabiners, load ropes, pulleys, etc.

 16.  North Shore Health Care Foundation/Care Partners received $1,000 to provide RN supervision and insurance coverage for Care Partner volunteers so they are able to provide companionship services in the home for end-of-life and palliative care patients. 

Total Amount Awarded – $8,946.00

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