EnergyWise Off Peak & Dual Fuel:

As an owner of an electric cooperative the value received from Arrowhead Electric Cooperative goes beyond ensuring reliable electric service.  As a local provider we do our best to communicate issues to our member-owners.  It is for this reason that we must state again that, “Electricity prices will continue to increase in the future.”

An ugly statement at best, but one that is not about to go away any time soon.  Perhaps the most significant of all is looming climate change which may be passed through legislation or by EPA regulation.  Arrowhead Electric Cooperative is not opposed to Climate Change legislation or regulation.  However, we are working hard to ensure that it is written to be fair, affordable and achievable – whether decided at the Federal or the State level.

One measure to help protect your budget from increasingly larger electric bills is to participate in an EnergyWise rate program.  Arrowhead Electric offers an Off-Peak Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Heating Program and a Dual Fuel Heating program.  Both rate plans provide electric heat at a very competitive price.

ETS off peak heat uses specially designed electric furnaces (placed throughout the house or centrally located in your mechanical room) that store heat in a unique thermal brick core.  The brick core becomes extremely hot at night and releases heat during the day as your home thermostats call for heat.  Dual Fuel uses an electric heat source, such as baseboard heat, in conjunction with fuel oil, propane, or electric storage heat as the back-up heating system.

Both ETS and Dual Fuel are controlled programs that help save money and conserves electricity.  In 2010, the ETS heating rate is 4.54 cents per kWh.  The Dual Fuel rate is 5.56 cents per kWh.  When compared to the General Service rate of 10 cents per kWh, a home currently consuming 30,000 kWh’s of heat per year would save $1,668/ year using ETS off-peak.  A comparable home on the Dual Fuel rate would save $1,332/year.  The ETS Off-Peak and Dual Fuel rates are competitive with other heating fuels.  In 2010, a gallon of propane would need to cost less than $1.15 when burned in a 90% high efficient unit in order to be more cost effective.  When compared to Dual Fuel, propane needs to be purchased at less than $1.41 per gallon.

Arrowhead Electric uses ETS Off-Peak and Dual Fuel to help our members save energy costs.  However, these programs also save Arrowhead Electric & wholesale power provider Great River Energy money which helps to maintain efficient power plant operation and delay investments in new power plants.  During times of high electricity demand ETS Off-Peak and Dual Fuel also help avoid high cost energy purchases from other utility companies.

Future price increases are eminent.  ETS Off Peak and Dual Fuel programs can help you contain your energy costs.  As a member-owner you can take control of your energy costs through participating in EnergyWise ETS Off-Peak and Dual Fuel programs.

To learn more about EnergyWise programs or other energy conservation measures (including rebates on ETS Off-Peak heating systems) please call, stop by our office or visit us online at

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