Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are proud to announce Together We Save, the utility industry’s first national energy efficiency campaign. It is a multi-tiered national effort to help co-op members take action that will save them money and energy. Arrowhead Electric members will see Touchstone Energy television spots on a variety of stations that guide consumers to take action. Radio spots, print media and a new website round out this call to action.

Why would an electric company encourage you to use less? We want you to conserve energy because wholesale electric prices have been rising for Arrowhead Electric which in turn increases rates to our members. We also have to pay extremely high electric rates during heavy demand times.

The website features nine animated, interactive applications. Each application focuses of a different action that once completed outputs a savings calculation. Informative energy-saving videos and do-it-yourself instructions are easily found on the website. Learn how taking simple steps, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, to more significant actions, such as adding attic insulation or upgrading a HVAC unit to an ENERGYSTAR-rated model, provides savings.


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