Get on the Energy Efficiency Bandwagon

If you equate “energy conservation” with sacrifice and inconvenience, we’ve got good news. There’s another way to save.

Efficiency means working better using less energy. That concept can be applied to many products we use every day like water savings devices, CFLs, Energy Star appliances and other products. Sacrifice and inconvenience are usually not part of that equation.

AECI offers EnergyWise rebates, which you can take advantage of in Addition to any state or federal rebates.

Below are the current rebate offers through AECI.

  • CFL Bulbs (minimum 5)
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Energy Star Air Conditioners
  • Water Heaters
  • Storage Space Heating

 You will find the necessary forms for the above listed AECI rebates at or call our office at 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744.

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