Give to the Max Day – Thursday November 14, 2013

Give to the MAX day is a movement created to maximize charitable donations for non-profits and other programs. One great aspect of this effort is that it has made donating to local entities easily accessible. Furthermore, all organizations receiving donations are eligible to win bonus monies or receive matching grants from larger organizations wishing to boost the overall outcome of support. In other words, your donations to your local interests could be worth double on Give to the MAX day.

Check out this information and video from some of our local non-profits and then visit the Give to the MAX website if you’d like to make a donation. The list of recipients is easy to find by city name or zip code, and you will see many familiar local entities there. Choose any you’d like to support, pledge your donation amount right on the website and know that your dollars have been MAX-imized!

Don’t forget that the Empty Bowls event happens this same day, so if you’d like more information visit the Grand Marais Art Colony page.

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