Grand Portage improves energy efficiency with help from Arrowhead Electric Cooperative

New lights are being installed at several large buildings in Grand Portage these days.  Recognizing the value of energy efficiency& conservation Grand Portage is taking advantage of rebates available to commercial members of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative.  The community center in Grand Portage has just completed phase I which consisted of switching out 116 fluorescent T12 fixtures to more energy efficient T8’s.

Just down the road the Grand Portage Lodge & Casino has been long using compact fluorescent bulbs to light lodge hallways and in many lodge rooms.  However, thanks to rebates from Arrowhead Electric Cooperative the Lodge & Casino has recently begun transitioning the lights on the gaming area from traditional models to more efficient LED’s.  The Lodge & Casino has also transitioned more lodge rooms to CFL’s and installed more efficient heating and cooling units in each of its lodge rooms. The next project Grand Portage Lodge & Casino will undertake is to install additional LED’s in the gaming area, swap out 55 T12 fixtures to T8’s in the Bingo Hall and if any time allows a change of lighting in the pool area might occur too. 

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative has processed more than $4,500 in rebates payable to Grand Portage this year which will save both the Community Center and Casino an estimated $5,000 in energy costs each year and save over 62,000k Wh’s of electricity each year!

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