It’s time to make sure your dual fuel back-up system is adequate and ready to go!

If you participate in the Cooperative’s duel fuel (off-peak) program, you know that your electric heating can be “controlled” or turned off during periods of high (peak) electricity use, high wholesale power prices and/or transmission system emergencies. During those times, it’s crucial that you have a back up system that can be used to keep your home warm until the electric heat is restored. The same could be said for an improperly maintained back up system that may work inefficiently, costing you more than it should yet giving you less heat.

Now is the perfect time to consider your options or perform routine maintenance so you’re prepared for what old man winter will bring. 

To properly function under the Co-op’s dual fuel program, a back up heating system is required, an automatic one that will turn on even when you’re not home. Changes are good that high market prices will mean increases in the number of control hours this winter and next. A good automatic back up system will save you worry and effort, while keeping you plenty warm all winter long.

Tips of the Trade:

1. If your back up system is an oil or propane furnace, be sure to check fuel levels in your tank. Control periods can run up to 12 hours per period and you don’t want to run out during that time.

2. Test the dual fuel system to make sure the back up furnace turns on when the thermostat calls for heat. If it doesn’t, call your local HVAC contractor to inspect the system.

3. Clean or replace furnace filters and have an HVAC contractor tune up the system if needed, to make sure it runs efficiently. The cost of the maintenance may well be repaid in lower heating bills.

Now is the time to act, before it gets cold. If you’d like information on back up systems, call the Cooperative and our member service department will go over all your options with you. then you can relax knowing you’ve done all you can to stay warm this winter.

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