Lutsen Substation Re-build

Lutsen Substation re-build will ensure adequate supply and provide increased reliability.

Thorough planning and engineering ensures Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s lines and substations are adequate to meet both the needs of today and the forecasted demands of tomorrow.

Planning studies such as our four year construction work plan and long range (10-year) construction work plans enables us to stage our construction activities in an organized, thoughtful and strategic order.  Each plan prioritizes any project or geographic area which is currently or forecasted to become a problem on our distribution system.  These include such things as system loading, reliability, voltage issues and safety.  These plans also provide an analysis of the financial impacts, timing and location of new distribution lines or substations to meet our members’ power requirements.

Our 2010-2012 construction work plan identified the need for the Lutsen substation to be reconstructed.  The current substation is crumbling (literally) as the foundations are falling apart and structural steel twisting.  In addition, the substation has seen significant demand increases in the past ten years and is overloaded.  Design and engineering for this substation rebuild has been ongoing for the last two years.

The Lutsen substation reconstruction addresses three areas of immediate concern:

  1. It will reduce the loading on the transformer.
  2. Improve voltage on circuit two.
  3. Replace failing foundation and steel.

The Lutsen Substation serves an area on the West from the Lutsen SeaVillas, North to Lutsen Mountains, East to and including all of the Caribou Trail area.

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