Minnesota "Trade in & Save" Appliance Rebate Program

The Trade-in & Save Appliance Program, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), will offer approximately 25,450 Minnesota homeowners a rebate for replacing their old appliance with a qualifying ENERGY STAR model purchased from a Minnesota retailer. Rebates are not retroactive for purchases made outside the program timeframe of March 1st – March 31st, 2010 and this rebate does not apply to commercial endeavors including rental properties. The program is estimated to save 2,200,412 KWh in energy, 43,729,920 gallons of water and 4,705,065 lbs of carbon (CO2). http://www.mnappliancerebate.com/will be launched February 1st

Minnesota’s allocation of $5,009,000 includes rebates on:

* 6,035 clothes washers ($200 rebate)

* 6,005 dishwashers ($150 rebate)

* 1,999 freezers ($100 rebate with purchase and “proof of demanufacturing”; $50 for purchase only)

* 11,411 refrigerators ($200 rebate with purchase and “proof of demanufacturing”; $100 for purchase only)

Homeowners will be limited to one rebate for a single appliance purchase (maximum of $200 per household). Once a reservation for a rebate is made, the resident will have 17 days to purchase, recycle and submit their rebate application. Funds from unclaimed reservations or disqualified applications will be given to residents on a first come first serve basis who “wait listed” themselves for a rebate and submitted their paperwork.

The “proof of demanufacturing” is required to earn 100% of the rebate on the freezers and refrigerators and can be signed by any party picking up an appliance who certifies that it will be taken off the grid and turned over to an appropriate recycler ensuring the appliance will be fully decommissioned and the cfcs recycled. Our aim is to incent consumers to turn over their old working refrigerator or freezer vs. keeping it. In addition, we want to prevent large quantities of old units from being resold. We are also adding in the provision that the consumer can provide the TOC number provided by their utility recycler if the pickup of the appliance will not allow the resident to meet the 17 day submission deadline.

Please note: The Fridge Farewell program was specifically kept separate from this rebate promotion. The Fridge Farewell is designed to remove secondary, operating refrigerators from the grid. This program, along with our existing appliance rebate program is targeted at the primary refrigerator in the home.

Arrowhead Electric Members are encourage to COMBINE the state’s rebate with the rebates offered by their local utility provider.

The program-specific website:

Reservation system opens on March 1st. Program specific phone numbers will be provided at a later date.

Key information :

. Rebates are on a first-come, first served basis.

. Rebates will go fast, so get your reservation in early.

. Homeowners are limited to ONE rebate.

. Once reservation is made, you have 17 days to make a purchase, and where required, show proof of recycling/demanufacturing.

. Rebates are available throughout the year from your local cooperative.




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