Now you’re cooking ~ the energy efficient way

Unless you are cooking over an open fire, chances are you are using appliances to prepare your meals. Appliances use electricity. Hence, the law of conservation applies to them, as well. Cooking can be a great area to save energy. Keep these energy efficient tips in mind while preparing your holiday meals this year:

  • Think small – opt for a smaller appliance, such as a toaster oven or microwave, if possible. Efficient microwave ovens use around 50 percent less energy than conventional ovens.
  • Turn the oven or stove burners off a few minutes before your food is ready; they will remain hot enough to finish cooking the food.
  • Don’t preheat the oven unless you are baking or a recipe requires it.
  • Bake with ceramic or glass pots and pans – this will allow you to lower the oven temperature by about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Self-cleaning ovens use less energy for normal cooking due to the higher insulation levels built into them. If you own one, plan to clean it right after you’ve finished baking something so it doesn’t have to heat up a second time.
  • Don’t peek – opening the oven door can lower the internal temperature as much as 25 percent.
  • Don’t cover oven racks with foil – this reduces heat flow and increases cooking time.

These steps are easy to follow and come at no extra cost. Making a habit out of them will save you both energy in the kitchen and money on your electric bill.

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