Operation Round Up Grants Awarded

The Trustee Board of Operation Round Up is very pleased to report to the membership of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc. the results of the distribution of membership funds to the following organizations as of the October 9, 2009 trustee meeting held at the Cook County Community Center.

  1.           Colvill Fire Department – Received $600
  2.            Cook County Higher Education – Received $1,500
  3.             Cooperation Station – Received $300
  4.             North Shore Children’s House Preschool – Received $1,013
  5.             Cook County Historical Society – Received $850.
  6.             North House Folk School – Received $900
  7.             Schroeder Area Historical Society – Received $881
  8.             Birch Grove  School “Saplings” Pre School – Received $1,000
  9.             Cook County Track & Field – Received $600
  10.             Cook County School District – Received $3,000
  11.             Hovland Area Volunteer Fire Department – Received $2,200

    The total amount awarded is $12,821.57

The awards were distributed to the recipients on October 19th at the Community Center in Grand Marais.  For further individual detail, please visit out web site at www.aecimn.com.

A big THANK YOU   to the members of Arrowhead Electric for your donations and generosity!  The Operation Round Up program member participation is currently 86%.

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