Operation Roundup Welcomes Grant Applications!

Area organizations are encouraged to apply for Operation Roundup grants.

To be eligible, groups must be non-profit organizations and service communities within the Arrowhead Electric service territory.  Disaster relief for individuals may be eligible.

 First responders, crisis centers, youth and senior citizen activities, education, food shelves and emergency assistance are just a few of the categories to be considered for funding.

Funds are not given to political or religious groups, fraternal or labor organizations, fund-raising dinners or raffles, advertising and for on-going operational expenses.

 The deadline to apply for Operation Roundup funds is September 30th.  The Arrowhead Electric Trust Board will meet on October 9th to review the applications.  Funds will be distributed later in the month.

 For further information contact Georgene Daubanton, Arrowhead’s Operations Administrative Assistant at 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744.  Arrowhead grant applications can be obtained online at https://www.aecimn.com/.

2 Responses to “Operation Roundup Welcomes Grant Applications!”

  1. Cynthia Bemis says:

    I have been asked to help prepare a grant proposal application. I am more than happy to help out, however we are new to Grand Marais so I am not as up to speed your program as I should be. What is the maximum amount your organization will consider funding ? I will be getting the information on the proposal late on Monday, is there any information that you could provide that could help me prepare this grant? I will be going to the website to down load the application.
    Thanks, Cynthia Bemis

  2. arrowelec says:

    The best source of information for Operation Round-Up is on our website (aecimn.com) and by calling our office (663-7239). We can answer most of your questions over the phone. Good Luck with the application!