Our Energy, Our Future: Your voice and Your choice counts

In a 1951 play, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre jotted down a line that seems tailor-made for the energy challenges facing our nation, and electric co-ops: “We are our choices.” Indeed, who we are is reflected in how we choose to live and the decisions we make each and every day.

Our leaders in Congress are tackling tough energy choices this year, choices we, as a nation, should make together. Will we choose for electricity to remain affordable, or will we choose for it to be a luxury? Are we ready for brownouts if enough power’s not available, or will we choose a diverse energy mix to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electricity in an environmentally responsible fashion? Will we choose to move forward or will we find ourselves, despite good intentions, moving backwards?

The climate change debate in Congress is coming down to the wire. Now, more than ever before, is the time to make sure your voice—and your choice—is heard. At Arrowhead Electric Cooperative our choice is clear. We’ve always been committed to providing affordable, reliable energy is a responsible manner. This choice reflects who we are, and why we were founded by members like you in an effort to move our community forward into a brighter future.

 Tough choices call for strong voices, and no voice is stronger than the combined force of 42 million electric cooperative consumers across the nation. Together we can choose to speak up for affordability. We can choose to invest in technology to lower energy costs, and we can pave the way for adding energy to the grid. Most importantly we can choose to work together, calling on Congress to work with electric co-ops in a combined effort to address climate change responsibly with affordability in mind.

 The choice is clear. More than 370,000 electric co-op members have decided to join a national conversation, making their voices heard through the Our Energy, Our Future™ grassroots awareness campaign. Make sure your voice—and your choice—counts. Visit www.ourenergy.coop and choose to be heard today.

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