Outage Restoration Process

AECI has achieved a stellar reliability average by doing what it takes to keep outages to a minimum. Equally important is our approach to restoring power as quickly as possible when outages do occur.

The duration of an outage depends on the type of equipment that was damaged, the extent of the damage and how it was caused, but AECI is prepared for every scenario. Public safety comes first in any situation. Crews removed downed power lines from roadways and address other safety concerns.

Next, they repair any damage to substations, which can often restore service to hundreds of members. Three-phase lines are next to be repaired. These are the feeder lines leading from the substations to the single-phase lines that carry power to groups of homes and businesses.

The secondary wires which serve the individual homes of our members may take longer to repair during widespread, storm related outages because crews focus on major lines first. We appreciate your patience during these exceptionally busy times.

No matter when you experience an outage, call AECI at 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744. Office staff employees are called in to answer the phones during wide spread outages. Please call and let AECI know whenever you change your phone number, as we do often call members to ensure their power has been restored in the area.

 AECI also encourages you to call if momentary outages, also known as blinks, become frequent. Blinks occasionally occur because automatic devices that are used to protect power lines are functioning as they should. If they occur regularly, there could be a condition that needs attention.

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