Outage Restorations – Updated October 6, 2018, 2:50 pm.


Arrowhead crews restored power to members as of 9:45 PM Friday, October, 5, 2018.

Arrowhead crews began working on Saturday, October, 6, 2018 to continue restoration for True North broadband subscribers. Arrowhead crews and operations staff worked through a troubleshooting process and found a single point of failure that affected the area from Lindskog Road East to Kimball Creek.

Crews located and repaired a fiber cable that had been torn down and made the necessary repairs to restore service. Service shoul be restored to the following areas:

  • Wood Mountain Road
  • Taylor Lane
  • Moonshadow Trail
  • 2021 E Hwy 61 – 2674 E Hwy 61
  • Timberwolf Lane
  • Linnell Rd
  • Red Cliff Rd

Arrowhead crews will continue line clearing and making repairs to the fiber system and we will be responding to outage calls as we make progress.

To report a broadband outage, for after-hours support, technical question please contact: 218-663-9030 or 877-602-7769.

Outage dispatches and regularly scheduled appointments will continue to make repairs to the fiber system. Please take note that we may be adjusting regularly scheduled appointments. True North appreciates your patience if you have a sustained outage from the storm damage.

A special thanks to Arrowhead Cooperative line crews for their exemplary work in restoring power and broadband services. The entire staff at Arrowhead has worked diligently and safely to restore services.  We thank our members and subscribers for their patience and support through this process.

If you experience a power outage, please let us know: 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744.

REMINDER: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT DOWNED TREES ON OR NEAR POWER LINES ON YOUR OWN. ALWAYS assume that a downed power line is still energized and caution should be exercised.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Arrowhead Cooperative October Outage Final

Outage Update October 5, 2018, 6:45 pm.

Arrowhead crews have worked tirelessly to safely restore power across Cook County after almost 2000 Arrowhead members lost power starting on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.  Crews are continuing to respond to singular outages and power restoration is likely to be completed in the evening hours on October 5, 2018.

If you are still experiencing a power outage, please let us know: 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744.

Arrowhead crews still have a large number of broadband dispatches to respond to. As crews finish tree removal and repair to the fiber system they will respond to broadband dispatches accordingly. Many True North subscribers will remain without service into the week of October 8, 2018.

We would ask that broadband subscribers allow our crews to continue working on system repair. If you are still experiencing a broadband outage or trouble accessing the internet on Monday October 8, 2018, please contact us. Arrowhead and True North will record your information and enter you into the dispatch queue. Please contact: 218-663-9030 or 877-602-7769.

For after-hours support, technical questions, or to report an outage regarding broadband please contact: 218-663-9030 or 877-602-7769

A sincere thank you to our members and subscribers who have been patient and supportive of our crews as they work to safely to bring power and broadband back to all members.

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