Small Changes Add Up to Big Savings

Sometimes the little things in life mean a lot. Simple steps such as turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging appliances when you’re not using them, and raising the temperature on your thermostat a bit as our weather warms up, when done together, can help your family rack up big energy savings.

At Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc., we’re always looking for ways to help you, our members. With energy costs rising due to a growing demand for electricity, higher power plant costs, and federal regulations, energy efficiency remains a key part of our efforts to keep rates affordable. Best of all, energy efficiency—simply making the electricity you use do more—saves you money.

Because we’re part of the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives network, you have access to a valuable resource that not only identifies simple energy-saving tasks but also illustrates the real-dollar savings they produce, specific to your home. uses real savings calculations—based on our co-op’s rates and climate zone—to motivate and inspire small changes in behavior.

Intrigued? Check it out at You’ll be asked for your ZIP code; this helps us provide accurate electricity rates for your home.

The Virtual Home Tour provides a good starting point. As you move through each of the six rooms, clicking on areas highlighted in yellow prompts you to take various interactive energy-saving measures and shows how these changes translate into savings on your electric bill.

A visit to the attic, for example, recommends adding insulation. Slide the arrow up the scale to add extra inches of insulation and watch the exciting end result. Adding nine inches saves up to $143 a year. Add 15 inches, and that figure jumps to $241.

Now head downstairs to the living room. Most folks enjoy watching television and playing Wii or Xbox games, but you don’t need these gadgets on 24 hours a day. By unplugging entertainment center devices when they’re not in use, you could save up to $174 every year. Seems simple enough—and every small step adds up to big savings. In fact, just lowering your thermostat one degree in winter could save $82.

The website uses calculations targeted for our co-op’s kWh electric rate and geographic location. In short, it gives you an accurate reflection of what your potential savings could be if you implement suggested steps.

Want more in-depth information on energy efficiency? also includes a library of short videos on various topics.

Finding ways to help you save energy dollars during tough times is important to us. Valuable tools like are just one more way we at Arrowhead Electric are looking out for you. Want to learn about other ways to make your home more energy efficient visit or call us at 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744.

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