The future of energy and conservation

We are all being challenged by the future of energy. With the high cost of fossil fuels, climate change legislation, alternative fuels sources to eliminate new coal burning power plants; it has been a challenge keeping prices where they have been for so many years. Arrowhead Electric Cooperative along with the other 27 cooperatives that are members of Great River Energy are working to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Using the energy you need but wasting less is the best way to reduce your energy costs and the cost of producing or purchasing additional energy on the open market.

There are many things we can do to conserve energy. How many of us changed out our standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)? Arrowhead Electric rebates up to $2.00 per CFL bulb purchased.

Weatherizing your home by adding insulation and caulking windows and doors reduces heat loss, reducing the amount of time your heating system runs. Are you still using that 15-20 year old water heater? Newer water heaters reduce the number of heating cycles. There are many ways we call can reduce electric cost. Visit

Arrowhead Electric and Great River Energy offer rebates for upgrading older appliances that will reduce your energy bills. These rebates can be awarded for replacing electric appliances or light fixtures, or installing CFL light bulbs, air source and ground source heat pumps, and much more. These rebates apply to commercial, industrial, residential and seasonal customers.

Wonder where the money comes from for these rebates? It comes through the reduction in energy demand. The reduction in energy used by upgrades and conservation helps prevent the need for producing or purchasing additional power at a much higher price. This energy reduction calculates out to the rebate amounts over time.

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