The Switch is on ~ Effective July, 2010 magnetic ballasts will be banned from production

If you have a magnetic ballast that goes bad, you will need to switch to an electronic ballast. Those of you who haven’t done so yet might want to switch from T12 to T8 bulbs. The T8 bulbs are more energy efficient and will save you lots of money in the long run.

Also keep in mind there are some commercial rebates out there for switching over to the T8s. If you have a lot of lights you are changing over, check with Joe Buttweiler to see what may be available for rebates. (

T8 bulbs have a maximum length of 4 feet. If you have an eight foot light with lens that has two 8 foot bulbs you can replace it with an eight foot fixture with four, 4 foot bulbs, it would cost around $60.00. These prices include the ballast.

The cost of the T8 bulbs is still under $3.00. T8 fixtures also come in four foot lengths. Currently, a magnetic ballast will run you in excess of $35.00, so it makes sense to upgrade to the new energy efficient electronic ballasts and/or fixtures, and T8 bulbs.

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