Together We Save ~ National Co-op Campaign to Reduce Your Bill

Energy Conservation – it’s time to do something… anything. Press a button. Flip a switch. Control what you can. Take matters into your own hands and just watch what happens to your energy bill. Find out how the little changes you make add up by taking the Touchstone Energy home tour at

 Together We Save is a new Touchstone Energy cooperative campaign designed to teach members how they can easily reduce their home’s electric consumption and bills.

The online home tour shows what happens when you unplug unused appliances, adjust your hot water heater, insulate, caulk, change light bulbs, adjust blinds, and replace older appliances. An online calculator adds the dollars you’ll save on your electric bill. You can even have your results e-mailed to you.

As an example if you change out a standard refrigerator on the website home tour to a new energy star model, you’ll save $100 a year. Unplug unused electronics and save $140 a year. Adjust your hot water heater and save $70 or more. The savings and computer website is intended to give you a ballpark of the amount of money you can save by doing simple things.

Why would an electric company encourage you to use less? We want you to conserve energy because wholesale electric prices have been rising for Arrowhead Electric which in turn increases rates to our members. We also have to pay extremely high electric rates during heavy demand times.

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