Watt Savings Contest – Win up to $500!

Watt Savings – Win up to $500!              

Contest Duration: June 1, 2009 – May 31, 2010

Starting June 1, 2009 Arrowhead Electric members will have an opportunity to earn credits on their electric bill.  The new contest entitled, “Watt Savings” aims to change the energy consumption behavior of our membership.

 Reducing energy consumption is a common message amongst utility companies, politicians and conservation groups.  Now, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative will pay you to conserve electricity!  To participate, call, e-mail or stop in our office to register for the contest.

As a contest participant you are not obligated to do anything but to try to consume less energy. 

Here is how the program works: 

  • First, sign-up. 
  • Next, Arrowhead Electric will monitor your electric consumption for each seasonal quarter (Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring). 
  • After each seasonal quarter you’ll see a credit on your electric bill based on the amount of energy you consumed when compared to your prior three-year seasonal average. 

What you’ll earn by conserving energy:

  • Earned credits start at $12 by reducing your usage by at least 5%.  Reducing your usage by 8% earns you $20, and a reduction of 12% or more will earn you $30 for the seasonal quarter!   Not to mention you’re electric bill will be less because you consumed fewer kilowatt hours (kWh’s)! 
  • At the end of the contest period (May 31, 2010) the grand “Watt Savers” will be awarded a $500, $250 and $100 prize respectively.  

Be sure to check out the “High Line By Line” monthly newsletter for tips and information, and updates. The summer quarter (June, July, August) “Watt Savings” earners will be listed in September’s newsletter. 

As all contests, certain rules and restrictions apply.  Arrowhead Electric Cooperative reserves the right to apply credits to any members electric bill if electric consumption was reduced for means that were unintended (i.e. you went on a month long vacation to the Bahammas).  For complete details, please call, e-mail or stop by our office.  Remember, you MUST sign-up to be eligible for any credits.

218-663-7239 / 1-800-864-3744 / rthoreson@www.aecimn.com /5401 West Highway 61, Lutsen

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