What’s a Kill-A-Watt Meter? How do they work? …And …Why would I want to use one?

Arrowhead Electric has five Kill-A-Watt meters available to members. The Kill-A-Watt meter can be checked out and taken home to help members find how much energy their appliances are consuming. Members can see how turning certain items off can save on their bills. The meters also help understand the benefit of buying an ENERGYSTAR appliance when it is time to buy a new item. Compare how much energy our current appliances are using with the http://www.energystar.gov site to find how much a new ENERGYSTAR model costs to run. The information will be useful if the time comes to replace any of the appliances.

As the cost of energy goes up, more people are becoming concerned about their utility costs. Consumers are looking for ways to manage their energy use and reduce costs. Using a Kill-A-Watt meter is a simple way to see how much energy is used.

Find “phantom load” in your home. Find how much items are costing you when they are plugged in, yet not in use-you may be surprised. Simply unplugging them gives you instant savings. Items that typically cause “phantom load” when plugged in, yet not in use are: cell phone chargers, coffee makers (with a display that lights on at all times), TVs, computers, anything that is left in a stand-by-mode when not in use or anything that has a transformer-type plug in, such as a hair dryer.

How to use the Kill-A-Watt Meter

  • Simply plug the meter into a wall outlet and plug an appliance into the meter.
  • Check the meter in one hour and see how many kilowatt-hours were consumed.
  • The large LCD will display the power consumption. You can figure out your electrical expense by the day, week, month or year.
  • Evaluate the quality of the electric power by monitoring voltage (Volt), line frequency (Hz), and power factor (VA).

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