What makes our cooperative different?

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative is owned by the members who we serve and is committed to providing reliable electricity at fair and reasonable prices. Arrowhead Electric has important alliances and relationships with other electrical cooperatives that bring value to our membership. Just as we, as members of this local cooperative, can accomplish so much more working together, cooperatives accomplish more on the state and national levels through joint efforts in associations such as Great River Energy and Touchstone Energy.

What makes our cooperative different? We are locally owned, we “look out” for the members we serve and focus on our members’ needs and local priorities. Member-owners come first, and they know they can trust their cooperative, because it was not created to make a profit, but simply to provide electricity and service.

Cooperatives adhere to guiding principles:

Voluntary and Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Members’ Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, Education, Training and Information, Cooperation among Cooperatives and Concern for Community.

Together America’s electric cooperatives are the largest utility network in the nation. There are more than 930 local systems such as Arrowhead Electric Cooperative in 47 states. These co-ops have 40 million member-owners, supply 75 percent of the U.S. landmass and own 44 percent of the nation’s electricity distribution structure.

As a Touchstone Energy Co-op, we strive to provide high standards of service according to our four core values: Integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community. Among the utility industry, Touchstone Energy co-ops rank first in customer satisfaction according to the American customer Satisfaction Index.


Another key to meeting our energy needs is conservation and efficiency. Your cooperative has always promoted the wise use of electricity and encouraged members to practice conservation. Because of the increased energy savings goals mandated by legislation passed in 2007, we have enhanced incentive programs designed to encourage members and businesses to reduce energy consumption. For those implementing the savings measures, they will have lower energy usage, which also reduces their cost. It is important to remember that the cost of these incentives will be paid for by all members and will put additional pressure on rates.

A key goal of your cooperative is to assist you in the wise use of electricity. Resource options include the blog articles, articles published in the monthly High-Line, By-Line, information available in the headquarter lobby, on our website at https://www.aecimn.com/, and by calling our office at 663-7239.

Your cooperative newsletter, the High-Line, By-Line, is used to provide timely information to you about pertinent issues. Items of interest throughout the year include district and annual meeting information, cooperative programs such as Auto Pay, Bill4U, line clearing, Gopher State One Call line location, capital credits, power plant tours, and the annual Youth Tour. We also provide information on energy assistance options, agency contacts and Minnesota’s Cold Weather Law.

More and more members are turning to Arrowhead Electric’s Web site for information. The site includes information about your Cooperative, enrollment forms for services and programs, information on how to conserve energy, rebate information and forms. There are also links to conservation incentive forms and the Co-op Connections Card program. Please take a moment to visit www.aecimn.com.

The most important method of communication is direct contact with our members. Our employees are here to work with you. Our staff has worked hard to develop an understanding of the issues that cooperative members need assistance with. We make suggestions on how to most effectively and efficiently use your heating system, discuss load management and offer recommendations on home weatherization. Please call if there is an issue you are wondering about and we will do our best to provide information.

I want to thank each of you for taking time to learn more about our energy future!

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