Which appliance uses the most electricity in your home?

Do you know that when it comes to your appliances, the refrigerator uses the most electricity in your home?

Approximately one-sixth of all the electricity used in your home comes from your refrigerator. Although they have improved (refrigerators now use 20 percent less electricity than a 20-year-old model), there is still a lot of room for more improvement.

Refrigerators come with an energy guide label that tells you in kilowatt-hours how much electricity that model uses in a year. The smaller the number, the less energy the refrigerator uses, and the less it will cost you to operate. Always try to buy the most energy efficient appliances that you can. It might cost you more money in the initial purchase, but it would end up paying for itself very quickly when you consider what you will save on your electric bill.

Did you know that bottom freezer refrigerators use approximately 16 percent less energy than a side by side refrigerator and a refrigerator with freezer on top uses 13 percent less energy than a side by side refrigerator? Even though ice and water through the door helps keep you from opening the refrigerator/freezer every time you need water or ice it also increases your refrigerator’s electricity use by 14-20 percent.

Refrigerators with anti-sweat heaters consume 5 to 10 percent more energy. Look for a refrigerator with an “energy saver” switch that lets you turn down or off the heating coils when you don’t need them. When you hear that an appliance is energy Star rated that means that the model is one of the most energy efficient that you can buy.

Arrowhead Electric offers Energy Star rebates to our members, so when you purchase an energy star rated appliance, stop in or call for a rebate form.

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