Who’s most satisfied with your Cooperative? …. Survey Says:

Overall, 82% of members are satisfied or very satisfied with Arrowhead Electric Cooperative.  6% of members are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied.  We would very much like to close the gap on the 6% who are unsatisfied and we’ll do our best to do so.  When it comes to things such as age, income or number of occupants, there isn’t much of a difference in overall satisfaction.  However, 40% of the seasonal members are very satisfied with Arrowhead Electric Cooperative while 29% of the full-time residential members are very satisfied. If you consider those who are satisfied, the numbers adjust to 84% of seasonals and 75% of residentials are satisfied or very satisfied with Arrowhead Electric.        

Other items of interest related to the survey include:

*48% of members primarily use electricity for space heating.  Based on our calculations this means approximately 736 accounts or 20% of members are not taking advantage of off-peak or dual fuel programs.

*24% (mainly those under the age of 60) think propane is more affordable than off-peak or dual fuel electric rate programs.  Based on the current off-peak electric rate propane needs to be purchased at $1.15 per gallon or less when burned in a 90% efficient furnace or boiler.  Propane needs to be purchased at $1.25 or less to be more competitive than the current dual fuel rate when burned in a 90% efficient furnace or boiler.

*61% either have no compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or just a few CFL bulbs installed.  To that extent, remember you can get a 50% rebate on CFL purchases up to $2 per bulb.  Visit www.aecimn.com or call the office for more information.

*65% want more information on electric rates while 26% want more information on energy conservation and efficiency topics.  That leaves 9% for the remainder of subjects such as financials, legislative activities, industry trends etc….

 *20% have visited our website (www.aecimn.com) but 21% say they plan on visiting.  A new and improved web site loaded with energy conservation tips and other important content will be up in the next couple months.

*87% say the service we provide is reliable.

*75% have no opinion or think rates are fair.  42% of full-time residentials agree or strongly agree that rates are fair while 48% of seasonals agree or strongly agree that rates are fair.  Of those who are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied most use wood as the primary heat source and/or do not understand the service availability charge.

*80% agree or strongly agree that your cooperative is a valuable member of the community.

Recognizing the importance of feedback from our members we would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey and for taking the time to do so.  The results will provide valuable insight as your cooperative moves forward in the future.  Future newsletters will specifically address some of the items in the survey including, time of use rates, interconnecting renewable energy sources, the service availability charge and more.

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