Why is my electric bill increasing?

Members’ energy costs have been increasing each year due to higher energy usage and rate increases. Ten years ago, the average home used 950 kWh per month; today it has risen to 1200 kWh per month, an increase of 21%.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, demand for electricity will keep increasing even with the reduction in energy through equipment efficiencies.

Cell phones, computers, appliances, DVD players, video game consoles and many more electronic devices have increased energy usage. The average home today has three television sets. Compared to the traditional television set, plasma televisions use approximately three times more energy. These devices also add to phantom loads which increase energy consumption even when the devices are turned off.

Any device with a transformer will use energy even when turned off. Phantom loads can be avoided by unplugging any device when not in use. Arrowhead Electric Cooperative encourages the use of surge protectors/power strips which will automatically turn off these phantom loads when devices are not being used.

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